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Recovery housing is a great resource for individuals who are in recovery from a drug or alcohol addiction. It serves as a transitional living program for qualified individuals who are seeking to continue their sobriety on their road to recovery. 

OneEighty, formerly known as STEPS at Liberty Center throughout the community, maintains five recovery houses in our program across Wayne County and Holmes County together. 

Our recovery houses and residential treatment homes provide an opportunity for people who are on their road to recovery.

The recovery housing requires individuals to pay for rent and utilities during their stay, as they live a sober lifestyle. These transitional living options provide an affordable, and supportive environment for men and women in their recovery, plus offer opportunities for their children to stay with them as an option (if needed). 

Often times, individuals who begin their journey towards a sober life struggle with basic human necessities, such as adequate housing.

With our recovery housing program, we are seeking to alleviate these basic concerns and help those in recovery stay on their path to sobriety. 

If you are in search of affordable housing as you continue your journey towards living a drug-free or alcohol-free lifestyle, contact OneEighty today to see if you qualify for our recovery housing program. 

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