Building Strong Community Relationships


At OneEighty, we know that our efforts will be much more successful when the entire community is involved. To that end, we provide prevention and education services throughout Wayne and Holmes Counties. By educating schools, businesses, and other community groups about challenges such as substance abuse, domestic violence, and safe dating, we can improve overall wellness for our entire area.

A Dedicated Team and Local Resources

As a local organization, we are closely involved with many community organizations and groups to fight serious issues in our own community. Partner groups include WATCH-Wayne Anti-Human Trafficking Coalition, The Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Coalition, The Suicide Prevention Coalition, the locally-based Opiate Task Force , and many others. Our Community Relations and Prevention Department also helps local organizations in the fight against substance abuse disorders.

Community Education and Professional Development

Community education is key to addressing many of the challenges our area faces. OneEighty partners with school systems in Wayne and Holmes Counties to reach thousands of students each year. We also provide educational services for businesses, where issues like substance abuse and sexual harassment can also have a significant harmful impact.

Our programs cover a diverse range of topics to address the needs of local groups, as well as open a dialogue and increase community awareness. Some of our topics include: Signs and Symptoms of Drug Use, How to Talk to Your Kids About Drugs, Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, Cyber-Bullying, Dating Violence and Healthy Relationships.

Advocacy and National Program Participation

Promoting healthy communities is at the core of what we do — but it’s not something we can accomplish on our own. To this end, we participate in advocacy groups, state, and national programs that have a direct impact on our communities and those we serve. You can get involved through our support auxiliaries or in state or national programs to advocate for the issues we confront on a daily basis.

The OneEighty team enjoys countless opportunities to engage with our community — and we want to connect with you, too! If you are interested in our educational programs, advocacy programs, or in partnering with us for other initiatives, don’t hesitate to reach out. Every effort makes a difference for those in need.

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