The Importance of Having a Support System

It does not matter what you have been through in your past, or what you believe your future looks like. Life has an interesting way of throwing us curveballs and it’s our job to manage the situation as best as we can. 

One of the tools that can help us navigate life’s murky waters is a strong support system, one which we utilize when we need it the most. 

A strong social support system of friends and family can help us accomplish our goals or deal with a crisis. Cultivating a support system takes time as we build up friendships and relationships with people over the course of a lifetime. When you do not take the time to foster relationships, you are in danger of poor social support system has been linked to depression and loneliness, which can lead to suicide, alcohol use, cardiovascular disease, and altered brain function.

A social support system takes on many different forms.

 It can mean emotionally supporting someone, such as giving advice at the right time, or taking care of them when they are ill. Showing concern and empathy are also common traits. This requires social integration, or the actual participation in your social circles with emotions, intimacy, and a sense of belonging. 

Participation in these social groups has a formative influence on our behavior, such as whether we partake in healthy behaviors or not.

Our friends and family can help motivate us to quit smoking or other bad habits, as an example. But also social support systems help us deal with stress in our lives. Being surrounded by people who are supportive and care about us can help us take care of ourselves and even reduce the consequences of trauma-induced disorders, such as PTSD. 

If you or someone you know lack a social support system, take active steps to reach out before a crisis hits. Strong social support plays a role in our overall health. 

If you feel someone is in immediate danger due to a crisis, call 9-1-1 immediately. Contact OneEighty in Wayne County or Holmes County for additional assistance, even if you just want to talk.