INTAKE AND ASSESSMENT: What to Expect as a New OneEighty Client

Front door of building

At OneEighty, we understand that addiction affects people in very different ways and so there is no single approach to treating it. We will walk you through our intake procedures which are designed to develop a personalized, affordable treatment plan for each  individual — based on the results of a comprehensive intake assessment of your…

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Benefits of Medication-Assisted Treatment in Recovery

D.r Nicole T. Labor, DO Medical Director speaking at a conference

When someone first hears about the use of medication in recovery, they may ask: Why use a drug to treat addiction? Dr. Nicole Labor, an addictionologist and Medical Director at OneEighty, addresses this quickly. “We’re not using a drug to treat addiction,” says Dr. Labor. “We use medication as a tool in the treatment realm…

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Helping Those in Recovery Navigate the Holiday Season

The holiday season is a busy, complicated time for many families. Stress levels and expectations can be high. When your family is also navigating addiction during the holiday season, all of this is amplified. Whether you are a family member trying to prepare for a loved one who may show up at a gathering while…

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“My Fault”

Portrait of Dana Harris

“It was my fault,” Dana said the first time she was physically abused by her significant other. “That is exactly where my mind took me.” Having grown up in a family where one family member used a push and pull, punish and reward style supervision, it was natural for Dana to be attracted to a…

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Who to Ask for Help, and How: Our Victim Advocacy Services

When Rhiannon Whalen-Harris began her career at OneEighty in 2012, her role was that of a Community Educator. Fast forward to 2022, and you’ll find that Rhiannon’s current title is as long as the list of responsibilities she now oversees. New on her plate is the oversight of the shelter program as well as other…

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Kate Abruzzino: Devoted Advocate for Survivors of Domestic Violence

Victim advocacy work is not for everyone. The job requires a great deal of empathy, compassion, and a willingness to listen and problem-solve — all skills exemplified by Kate Abruzzino.  Since 2009, Kate has worked in Victim Advocacy services for OneEighty, based in Wayne County. She is a Licensed Social Worker, has a Bachelor’s degree…

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Recovery Coaching Helps Open New Doors

The word ‘recovery’ is often defined as the act of getting back or regaining something lost or taken away. How perfect then that OneEighty’s ‘Recovery Coaches’ are the people who mentor people with addiction issues in reimagining their new beginnings. For over forty years, Bobbi Douglas, Executive Director of OneEighty, has worked to build the…

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“We never know when we make a difference”: An Interview with Recovery Coach Michelle Graves

During National Recovery Month, an initiative launched by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration to increase public awareness around mental health and addiction recovery, we celebrate those in recovery and recognize the work that service providers deliver to the community. This includes the work of Michelle Graves, one of OneEighty’s most beloved peer…

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