Starting Over Starts with a Place to Call Home

How transitional housing supports long-term recovery Addiction is not a one-time event but a chronic condition that requires ongoing attention. And recovering from substance use is a complex and challenging journey that requires comprehensive support and a continuum of care – including transitional housing. By connecting clients with structured and supportive environments, clients are better…

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Internship – The Try Before You Buy

College students socializing in a circle

Marketers tout the concept of “Try Before You Buy.”  They educate consumers that trying something before you buy it gives you the opportunity to experience the product or service without making a financial commitment. How wonderful would it be if you could apply the same concept to your professional career choice? According to Cheryl Thomas,…

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Meaningfully Involved: Eleanor Runyan’s Path to Volunteerism

Every April, the nation celebrates the selfless spirit of volunteering. National Volunteer Month, and more specifically National Volunteer Week, April 16 through 22, 2023, is a time to celebrate “volunteers performing extraordinary acts of service.” Eleanor Runyan exemplifies the definition of volunteerism because she empowers others, brings people together, and believes in the dignity and…

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7 Ways You Can Support a Friend or Family Member Who Has Experienced Sexual Assault

Always offer safe, non-judgmental support Experiencing sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence or stalking can be life altering for survivors. And every sexual assault survivor’s journey is unique. Your role as a supportive friend is to be there with compassion, empathy, and respect. We spoke to Tina Zickefoose, OneEighty Victim Advocate and Outreach Specialist, and Crystin…

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From Awareness to Action: Getting Kids Involved in Prevention

A Focus on Two Prevention Paths Robert Bean, Coalition Prevention Specialist, and Amanda Nickles, Youth Mentoring and Prevention Specialist, are relative newbies to OneEighty’s prevention team. But what they lack in years on the job, they compensate for with the passion they have for their mission.  Robert’s focus is on building and strengthening area coalitions.…

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The Importance of Surrounding Yourself with Positivity

Positivity supports brain health Does positive thinking really work? There’s a growing body of research that shows how our thoughts and emotions can shape the structure and function of our brains. In fact, when we experience positive emotions, like joy or gratitude, our brains release dopamine and serotonin, which are neurotransmitters associated with feelings of…

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We’re Proud of the Recovery We Support

Portrait of Bobbi Douglas - OneEighty Medical Director

You Are a Vital Part of Our Referral Program At OneEighty, we’re proud of the recovery we support. We know you’re in a position to make critical decisions about helping people find appropriate treatment. And we believe it’s very important that you understand what really happens in our treatment program before you refer clients so…

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A Man Called Trip

A Difficult Beginning He goes by the name “Trip”, and one quickly learns that ‘a trip’ is truly the course his life has taken. “I was born and raised in Wooster by a physically and mentally abusive mother,” Trip reflected. “But, when I told those who I thought could help me, my mother told them…

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Helping People Change Direction Starts with Finding Them a Home

Portrait of Krista Kidney - Director of Homelessness and Housing Services

Meeting People Where They’re At At OneEighty, we understand that safe, affordable housing helps to provide a sense of security and stability that is often lacking in the lives of those struggling with substance use. These are people who are living in crisis every day – worried about how they are going to eat and…

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