Substance Abuse and Addiction Services


OneEighty’s substance abuse counseling program provides individual, group, and family counseling for individuals struggling because of alcoholism or drug abuse. Services include: crisis intervention, couples and family therapy, case management, intensive outpatient services, drug court program and relapse prevention.

OneEighty offers two intensive outpatient programs. CHOICES is designed to treat individuals struggling with chemical dependency in an outpatient setting. CADET is a similar program offered to inmates at the Wayne County Justice Center. Both programs include clinical evaluations, treatment for chemical dependency, therapy, and aftercare services.

OneEighty offers a wide range of group therapy opportunities for clients. With a ratio of one counselor to twelve individuals, these interventions have proven to be effective treatment options. Our group treatment options are based on client need. Call our office for the most up to date information about topics and meeting times.

The residential services offered by OneEighty are designed to treat individuals suffering from chemical dependency in a residential setting. In addition to providing substance abuse treatment, these recovery assistance programs offer clients the tools that will help them achieve long-term sobriety so they can transition back into the community as stable, self-sufficient citizens.

OneEighty’s recovery housing program serves as a transitional living program for individuals seeking supportive and affordable recovery housing. With houses available in Wayne County and Holmes County, these recovery facilities are available to qualified individuals who can pay rent and utilities and continue their sobriety.

The medication assisted therapy program at OneEighty helps individuals suffering from an opiate addiction to safely and comfortably go through withdrawal with fewer cravings. This program is paired with counseling supports for a successful recovery. 

Our medication assisted treatment program is offered through a contract with Summa Physicians Inc. and is led by Dr. Nicole Labor, an addictionologist with specialized training to prescribe and administer Suboxone®, Subutex® and Vivitrol® for cases where this treatment is deemed beneficial.

 Our residential treatment homes provide a stable environment for substance abuse treatment for men and women dealing with chemical dependency. Our supportive staff helps clients develop a drug treatment plan for recovery.

Residential Services: Noble House — Noble House is a residential treatment facility for men ages 18 and over, with accommodations available for fathers and their children.

Beacon House — Beacon House is a residential treatment facility for women ages 18 and over, with accommodations available for mothers and their children.

Recovery Housing: OneEighty (formerly STEPS at Liberty Center) has five recovery houses as part of our recovery housing program. These transitional living homes provide a therapeutic, supportive environment for those re-covering from addiction in Wayne County and Holmes County. Qualified individuals who can pay rent and utilities and maintain a sober lifestyle are welcome to participate in our recovery housing program. At this time OneEighty provides a total of five recovery homes within the Wayne and Holmes counties.