Peer Recovery Services

Certified Peer Recovery Supporters help others navigate the road to recovery.  They’ve been down the same road...

What is Peer Recovery?

Peer Recovery Services enables individuals to work with peer recovery coaches to get through and avoid the many challenges ahead of them.  Recovery coaches have lived experience and first-hand knowledge of dealing with and overcoming many of life’s challenges, and openly share their personal stories of struggle and success to help others on their journey to recovery  Specialists speak openly about their struggles and experiences on their road to recovery.

How you can benefit:

Peer Recovery Support Services is a philosophy of self-direction, choice and empowerment.  Benefits of this approach are many and yet different for each individual. Learning how to avoid and endure the many obstacles during the journey of recovery are but a few of the many benefits. Knowing you don’t have to do it alone is a key benefit for everyone.

Peer Support Hotline (access to a certified peer recovery coach for you or someone you know who is in recovery for substance use and addiction): 330-464-1423

Interested in becoming a Certified Peer Recovery Supporter?

If you would like to talk with a Peer Supporter to find out what it’s like, please call (330) 264-8498 and ask for Peer Recovery Services.  If you want to learn more and apply for training/certification, please follow these steps:

Click HERE to go to the OhioMHAS site for Peer Recovery Support.