Aug 26 2023


Starting Time is between 7:30 and 9:30 am depending on the course chosen
6:30 am

13th Annual Break the Cycle on Saturday August 26th

Break the Cycle 13th Annual Event/ Saturday, August 26th, 2023



Registration: $40 (virtual participation also available)

Day of Registration is $45

This event is centered around the mission to reduce the stigma surrounding the issues of substance use disorder and addiction and to support the treatment/prevention services offered at OneEighty.

Break the Cycle celebrates those who are in recovery for addiction and remembers those we lost to the disease. An individual can choose between three bike routes, Holmes County Trail bike ride or walk the trail and a 5K walk in downtown Wooster. The bike ride consists of either a 24-, 50- or 70-miles ride through the scenic countryside of Wayne and Holmes counties. Each route varies in elevation and level of fitness.

Holmes County Trail or also known as Rails to Trails are asphalt trails that are typically flat or gently sloping, with no vehicles sharing the road. "Labeled as the first Trail in the nation to accommodate Amish buggies, the unique and scenic Holmes County Trail has two lanes, one lane of the trail is paved with asphalt for biking, while the adjoining buggy and equestrian trail is paved with "chip and seal" for horse-drawn vehicles and horseback riding." (Holmes County Trail site)This ride is for intermediate riders or families who like to ride. A SAG Cyclist will be on the trail to accommodate riders. 

Participants can also partake in a casual 5K Walk on the Holmes County Trail or a 5K Wooster Downtown Walk through historic downtown Wooster and visit OneEighty's Main Office and Recovery Club.


  • SAG Supported (Support and Gear Drivers on the course).
  • Multiple rest stops available with restrooms and refreshments available to participants.
  • RIDE ON will be on-site at the fairgrounds for any maintenance issues cyclist may have with their bike.
  • Hot Meal Provided on the day of the event in Wooster and at the Holmes County Trail. Wooster main course donated by Certified Angus Beef.

The 24-,50-70 Mile Bike Rides and 5K Wooster Downtown Walk begin and end at the Wayne County Fairgrounds; 199 Vanover St, Wooster, Ohio (Buss Hall).

The Holmes County Trail Bike Ride and 5K Trail Walk: begins on the Holmes County Trail at Hipp Station, 365 W Clinton St, Millersburg, OH.  Brunch will be provided on the trail at Hipp Station OR participants are welcome to have lunch at Wayne County Fairgrounds after their ride. Fairgrounds, Buss Hall, 199 Vanover St, Wooster, Ohio

PLEASE NOTE: This event is held RAIN or SHINE.  Any schedule changes on the day of the event due to severe weather will be communicated the day before by email and on the day of the event at check-in.

Check-in begins at 6:30am


7:30am:                    70 mile Bike Ride

Start/Finish at Wayne County Fairgrounds (199 Vanover Street, Wooster, Ohio- Buss Hall)

Description of the course: This route will wind you through many beautiful country roads with steep challenging climbs and gorgeous views of Ohio Amish country.  The total elevation gain is over 5000 feet with multiple grades of 10 to 15%. This ride is recommended for experienced, fit riders who are up for a challenge.  There are three rest stops along the way with hydration, fuel and bathrooms staffed with friendly volunteers.  Come prepared for small sections of gravel and/or chip and seal and some cracked pavement as roads down here see a lot of different traffic, from buggies to tractors to milk trucks.  You will need to be on the lookout for all of the above, but you will be rewarded with a delicious lunch and great memories after the ride.

Link to view the course via Ride with GPS:

8:00am:               50 Mile Bike Ride

Start/Finish at Wayne County Fairgrounds (199 Vanover Street, Wooster, Ohio- Buss Hall)

Description of the course: With an elevation gain of almost 3000 ft and some long, steep climbs with double digit grades, this route is for experienced riders who have been riding regularly and are used to open road adventures.  You will tour Ohio’s beautiful rolling Amish country and will likely need to be careful passing buggies on your way.  There are two fully stocked aid stations with hydration, fuel and bathrooms staffed by friendly volunteers.  There may be multiple sections of chip and seal and small sections of gravel to traverse, you never quite know down here, so please come prepared!  Delicious lunch afterward is included.

Link to view the course via Ride with GPS :

8:15am:              24 Mile Bike Ride        

Start/Finish at Wayne County Fairgrounds (199 Vanover Street, Wooster, Ohio- Buss Hall)

Description of the course: With an elevation gain of under 1000 ft. and two short, but steep climbs, this is a more gentle ride through the back roads of Wayne County.  It is still open road, so riders will need to deal with traffic and other road hazards, but will be amply rewarded with bucolic scenery, a fully stocked aid station halfway through and a great afternoon of exercise and camaraderie, followed by a delicious lunch!

Link to view the course via Ride with GPS

8:30am:              19.4 Holmes County Trail Ride (meal provided @ Hipp Station)

                                      Holmes County Trail: Map

365 W Clinton St., Millersburg, OH 44654 to 240 Water St Fredericksburg OH 44627 and back to Hipp Station.


9:00am:            5K Downtown Wooster Walk ( Map available under Course Map)

Start/Finish at Wayne County Fairgrounds (199 Vanover Street, Wooster, Ohio- Buss Hall)

9:00am:                   5K Holmes County Trail Walk (meal provided @ Hipp Station)

Start/Finish at Hipp Station 365 W Clinton St., Millersburg Oh 44654 (Trail will be marked)

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