Nelly’s Success Story

Nelly first accessed our Wayne County Victim Advocate while trying to learn about her rights as a victim if she chose to leave her husband, who was extremely abusive. Besides being sexually abusive, he would sometimes kill animals if he was unhappy with her actions. She was afraid to leave because if she couldn’t take her dog with her, she was sure that the dog would be dead in a matter of days.

Her Advocate told her about OneEighty’s shelter and the Pet Project, which allows for victims’ pets to be boarded in a safe environment while their owners stay in the shelter. Learning about this option was what convinced her to leave that relationship and to come into shelter. Her dog is boarded and she and her daughter are in a safe environment.

Within two days of her stay, Nelly was able to get a professional job with an insurance company. She is working with her Case Manager to enroll in the Rapid Rehousing Program and is looking forward to moving in to her new home along with her child and dog.