Seeking Help from Addiction

With everything going on in the world right now, these can be understandably stressful times for many. However, for those who are ready to change the direction of their life and overcome their addictions, OneEighty is ready to serve as a partner for a brighter future.

Unique Treatment Plans

OneEighty offers a wide variety of treatment services to better meet the need of each individual. Some of the most used treatment options include Group Treatment and Recovery Housing. Group Treatment provides group therapy sessions, in which one counselor meets with up to twelve individuals. Group members share experience and support each other under the guidance of a trained counselor. Recovery Housing offers transitional living that helps individuals improve life skills as they try to develop sober living habits.

Peer Recovery Services

OneEighty’s peer recovery services offer a powerful helping hand to those struggling with addiction. Peer Recovery Coaches are those who have fought and overcome their own addictions. Firsthand knowledge and a willingness to share their experiences provide inspiration and much-needed support on the recovery journey. Peer coaches can also help individuals identify and avoid potential stumbling blocks on their road to recovery.

Our Facilities

The goal of OneEighty’s residential treatment services is to provide a safe and stable environment for individuals working on their drug treatment recovery plan. This includes two residential treatment facilities: Noble House for men age 18 and over, and Women’s Residential Treatment Facility for women age 18 and older. Both facilities have accommodations for parents with children. Eight recovery houses, and two transitional living houses, are also available.

Each individual’s journey to recovery from addiction is different. No matter what your needs might be, OneEighty is equipped with the resources and caring staff that will help you begin making positive changes in your life. For more information please contact OneEighty at 330.264.8498.