Holmes County Friends & Neighbors Garden Tour 2018

Event Date: 
Sat, 07/07/2018 -
9:00am to 4:00pm

Here's your chance to tour some of the many beautiful gardens in Holmes County!  This event is presented by the Holmes County Friends & Neighbors of OneEighty. This is your chance to see some of the best examples of gardens the area has to offer, marvel at the design, hard work and beauty of each gardener's creations. Click HERE to order tickets or to find more information,

Our Featured Gardens

Melody & Dave Sindel 571 South Monroe Street Millersburg, OH 44654

Located a few blocks off East Jackson Street in Millersburg, the Sindels have created a delightful garden site surrounding their home tucked in between houses on the hill. Behind the house you will see a water feature with a waterfall. An English garden 11 years in the making, framed by river birch, includes ferns, Chinese lanterns, cosmos and hydrangeas. Melody sprays the spring allium to retain it for the summer. You will find Acidanthera, a summer-blooming bulb in the gladiolus family and Porcelain vine growing up the arbor. The smokehouse is surrounded by a variety of hostas and ferns. There are 3 fairy gardens to view – one in a wagon constructed for this very purpose (The fairies were thrilled!), one in an antique child’s porcelain enameled cast iron bathtub and another incorporated into the water feature. Step up onto the front porch to see a variety of lovely planted pots and baskets. 
Be sure to look for the house number (571) at the end of the drive.

Mark & Cindy Hochstetler 4312 CR 145 Sugarcreek, OH 44681

The Hochstetler family lives in a home built in 1840 by the Beachy family and was purchased by Cindy’s family in the 1870’s. It has remained in her family since. In the Civil War time the house was a hotel and possibly a stop for stage coaches. The eastern end of the house is original with additions added throughout the years, the newest in 2017. The Hochstetlers raise beef cattle. At one time, the shed was used as a washhouse, and is now used for storage. You will find flowers everywhere! In the front are a variety of spring bulbs and hostas. There is a rock garden, cutting garden, herb garden and a large vegetable garden to feed the family in the winter. Cindy saves seeds/buys seeds every two years to plant the next year, which among other things produce large zinnias. She has a small greenhouse to get an early start and hosts a perennial plant sale each spring. There is a spice bush and forsythia bushes that are original to the location, and of course, the heirloom poppies reappear each year. Enjoy your visit to this remarkable garden site.

Steve & Cora Miller 2701 TR 410 Millersburg, OH 44654

Hidden on a Township Road the Millers have created gardens from the bottom of the drive beginning with the tall Alaskan Cedar and surrounding their house. They have terraced the rolling terraced yard with foundation stones and created gardens all around the property, which will inspire you to add to your own. Cora has a large variety of flowering plants – Hydrangea, Sedum, Russian Sage, Phlox, Clematis (a Betty Corning), Persicaria (member of the knotweed family), Golden Thyme, purple and pink Lenten Roses, and Jack Frost Brunnera, some variegated (blooms are similar to forget-me-nots). Cora plants Clematis without a trellis, so notice how it flows over the large stones. There will be pots of all types with arrangements in them on the patio behind the house. 
Park at the bottom of the drive and walk to this beautiful location.

Ivan & Mary Hochstetler 4279 County Road 168 Millersburg, OH 44654

Ivan and Mary have functional and decorative gardens in the majority of the yard around their house. There are a variety of Hostas along the drive, including Regal Splendor, Maui Butter and Ice Age. In the front of the house are circular beds with shrubs and flowers. Beside the greenhouse, where Mary starts vegetable plants, a shade bed contains Sea Thrift, Clematis, and ferns. The backyard is almost consumed by raised beds, where small garden vegetables are grown. There is a large vegetable garden further back where corn, tomatoes, squash and more are planted. Follow the stamped concrete path to the mother-in-law house to view additional flowers. Planters adorn the patio, and before you leave have a sip of Garden Mint Tea made from their herbs especially for today’s visitors.

Wayne and Martha Weaver 6366 SR 39 Millersburg, OH 44654

Wayne and Martha have graciously agreed to host the garden tour for a repeat visit (even aware of how much work is involved!) This tour you will be treated to a recently constructed captivating site which cannot be seen from SR 39. Weavers’ inspiration came from Butchart Gardens in Victoria British Columbia. Past the house and the large shop you will find a terraced path with water features leading down to a colored concrete patio, an outdoor kitchen, fountain, and flowers. The stones used in the construction of these and the outdoor kitchen are made by Gran’ide Stone Works with the inspiring textures of European Tuscany. At the bottom of the path Wayne has constructed an incredible 14’ fountain with the largest rock found under the ground where the fountain sits. Water for the fountain comes from a spring down in the woods and is piped to the top. After cascading down the rocks, water flows through a maze of pipes into the pond by SR 39. Alyssum, Marigold, Geraniums, and Salvia fill the beds around the fountain and patio. A hand hewn water trough from 1700’s France sits just east of the patio. The outdoor kitchen featuring a fireplace, brick oven, giant Evo grill, and a Komodo Kamado smoker/grill/oven covered with metallic tiles. It is a beautiful sight/spot, complimented by the flowering plants, most started from seed by Martha in the greenhouse. Seedlings are watered with rain water that falls from the roof of the shop and flows into a cistern between the shop and the greenhouse. While you are here, enjoy a taste of Wallhouse Coffee, produced on-site by the Weaver’s granddaughter. Gran’ide stones and coffee may be purchased the day of the tour. 
Please follow the enter/exit signs.