Dinner or Dessert Raffle presented by Friends of OneEighty

Friends of OneEighty presents Dinner or Dessert Raffle, an event to support OneEighty services and programs.

Every day in June, one or two winners will be selected and announced on OneEighty’s Facebook Page (@one180eighty) and our website, one-eighty.org/news-events

Winners can pick up their gift card at OneEighty, 104 Spink Street in Wooster, between 8am-5pm, Monday-Friday or a committee member will mail it to you.

Friends of OneEighty is an auxiliary organization that provides financial resources, increases public awareness, reduces stigma, promotes community outreach, and educates the community regarding programs offered at OneEighty.

Thank you again for supporting OneEighty and our mission of Helping People Change Direction!

Questions or concerns regarding the Dinner or Dessert Raffle can be directed to Brandie Ross, Friends of OneEighty Board President at cbross3@comcast.net or via cell at 530-519-1031


June 1st: Sharon Nelson- City Square and Cindy McCory- Miss Amy's

June 2nd: Cindy Edington-The Leaf and Rachel Relle- Cheesecakery

June 3rd: Elizabeth Strangelo-Basil and Helen Walkerly- Cookie Snob

June 4th- Alice Trivette-Shreve East of Chicago and Janue Ulmer- Local Roots

June 5th- Gina Patterson-Tj's and Jerry Miller- Michaels Bakery

June 6th-  Carolyn Kearney- Chipotle and Peter Evans-Panera

June 7th- Colby Chamberlin- The Leaf and Sharon Nelson- Ketp Confections

June 8th- Jerry Miller- Red Lobster and Candace Chenoweth- Pulp

June 9th- Amberly Wolf- The Oaks and Laura Sirot- Faithful Little Cupcake

June 10th- Pam Corbett – TJ’s and Cindy Biggs – Local Roots

June 11th- Alicia Brazeau – Five Guys and Jeff King – CheeseShoppe

June 12th- Wyn Jones – Bay Lobster and Denise McKeown – Cookie Snob

June 13th- Donna Connolly – Green Leaf and Carol Gassage – Miss Amy’s

June 14th- Doreen Belcik – TJ’s and Susan Friend – CheeseCakery

June 15th- Jay VanSickle – The Leaf and Karin Wiest – Jitters

June 16th- Colby Chamberlin-City Square Steakhouse and Laura Sirot- Meatheads Union

June 17th- Elizabeth Glick – Five Guys and Eileen Ross – Pulp

June 18th-Jennifer Winter – The Oaks and Cindy Edington – Michaels Bakery

June 19th- Rachel Relle  - BW-3’s and Peggy Schmitz – Local Roots 

June 20th-Karin Wiest – The Leaf and Amberly Wolf – Pulp

June 21st-Wyn Jones – Sure House / Lerch’s Donuts and Laura Grimm – Local Roots

June 22nd- Sheryl Bowers-Longhorn and Michelle Leiby-Spoon

June 23rd- Beth McCready- The Oaks and Courtney McCusker-Panera

June 24th-Jane Ulmer-Applebee's and Stuart MyKrantz- Spoon/Muddys

June 25th- Lisa Zuercher-TJ's and Melissa Chesanko-Cheesecakery

June 26th- Alice Trvette- The Leaf and Elizabeth Glick-DQ

June 27th- Tricia Pycraft- The Oaks and Michelle Leiby- Local Roots

June 28th- Candi Mori- TJ's and Mark Gooch- Pulp