Celebrate Your LGBTQ Pride!

Here at OneEighty, we believe that diversity should be celebrated and we welcome and help people from all walks of life. We’re excited to see our community, Ohio and our great nation become more accepting of all people.

We are encouraged to see progress in Ohio (especially the Columbus area) for becoming well-known as an LGBTQ friendly location. Columbus and Cleveland are homes to some of the Midwest’s largest Pride parades, which are attended by over 500,000 people on an annual basis. We are anxious for this trend to spread!

At OneEighty, we understand that people of all backgrounds may find themselves in need of any of our services. We have taken steps to educate and train our team to be more aware, less judgmental, and more open to all humans and hope to eliminate violence perpetrated on the basis of sexual orientation and/or gender identification. OneEighty’s prevention, education and advocacy services are in place to serve all who need help.